Thoroughly flush the eyes with cool clean water until you feel the product has been properly flushed out. If the eyes appear irritated after flush, seek medical assistance immediately.

Because Slime is non-toxic, the cleanup is easy. You can clean it off of any surface with a rag or a towel. We suggest you follow up with whatever cleaning product you would normally use to clean that particular surface to ensure a complete clean. We also recommend properly disposing the excess Slime and saturated […]

If you installed Slime to repair an existing puncture, it may not have adequately sealed on the first attempt. We recommend checking the tire for puncturing objects, removing any if found, re-inflating the tire and immediately rotating it. This forces the sealant to flow around the inner tube or tire allowing it to locate and […]

Warranties vary by tire manufacturer. Contact your tire manufacturer for specific details.

Tire inflators and air pressure gauges have a one year warranty from date of purchase. Your warranty will be void if you abuse, unsafely use, improperly use, or use in any manner that is not consistent with the operating instructions. Slime is backed by both a satisfaction guarantee and a limited warranty. If you are […]

Seek medical assistance immediately.

Slime has different formulas, each with different sealing capabilities. Slime Tire Sealant will seal punctures up to ¼” (6mm), and Slime Tube Sealant will seal punctures up to 1/8” (3mm). In both cases, the puncture must occur in the tread area of the tire since Slime cannot reach or seal punctures outside of the tread […]

No. We do not recommend using Slime for this purpose.

Yes. Passenger vehicle tires treated with Slime should be professionally repaired with an RMA approved patch/plug at your earliest convenience.  Inform the shop technician that Slime is in the tire.