NEW 2X Tire Inflator (40026)

Twin Cylinders Deliver Twice the Power

Our Most Powerful Inflator Yet

  • Inflates standard car tire in just 2 minutes (0 – 35 psi, Standard Tire – P195/65 R15)
  • 12 volt inflator with twin cylinders for maximum power
  • 30′ Total Reach
  • 1.9 CFM (at 0psi)
  • 22′ Coiled air hose with in-line dial gauge
  • Dial gauge features shock resistant housing
  • Direct connect to battery
  • Internal thermal break
  • Twist connect air hose fitting
  • Bright LED light for night-time emergencies
  • Aluminum locking handle
  • Accessory part adapters for rafts, balls, and other inflatables
HELPFUL HINT: Reference your owner’s manual or driver’s side doorjamb for correct tire inflation information. With regular use, this Slime Inflator will help your vehicle achieve optimal fuel economy, maximize tire tread life and ensure proper vehicle handling.

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