Rechargeable Tire Inflator (COMP 07)

With regular use, this Slime Inflator will help your vehicle achieve optimal fuel economy, maximize tire tread life and ensure proper vehicle handling.

  • Inflates standard car tire in 6 minutes (P195/65 R15 to 35 PSI)
  • Powerful 12 volt, 230 PSI compressor
  • Plugs into 12 volt accessory outlet
  • DC output can be used as a power supply
  • Easy-to-read accurate gauge
  • Ball & raft inflation adapters included
  • Measurements: 11.50″ L x 4.75″ W x 9.50″ H
  • Weight: 11lbs

Download detailed instructions here.

COMP 07 Rechargeable Tire Inflator Contents
COMP 07 Rechargeable Tire Inflator
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Star Star Star Star Star All around great item to have in the car or house., Sep 03, 2011
Reviewer: Gregory Drysol
The one I have it\\\'s been about 5 years Now for temp. 12 power it\\\'s great. in home or in the car. Take\\\'s awhile to charge but its last for a lond time. AS for temp power for My RC cars and planes. beats buying Batteries for the hand set. As a compressor it has filled up a large truck tire. When needed in the middle of the desert. A couple of tire plugs 12 minutes of air and on your way. Forget AAA. For dirt bikes pack it in a back pack and fill my dauther front tire to get back to camp. with out a 12 outlet. Its great to have.
Greg D.
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