What Spair Kit is Best for Me?

Slime makes a Spair flat tire emergency repair kit for every kind of tire.

In addition to sealant, all Spair kits also feature a re-usable tire inflator. If you already have a Slime tire inflator or air source, you can partner this air with Slime for an emergency repair. If you don’t have an inflator, our Spair kits have all the tools you need to repair a flat tire, anytime, anywhere.

When should I purchase a Spair kit over a bottle of Slime sealant?

Since Slime is a liquid, it may cause vibration in your vehicle’s suspension. For this reason, we recommend that it be used as an emergency repair in vehicles driven on the road and those that have a steering mechanism. Applications where Slime can either repair a flat tire or be installed upon purchase to prevent flat tires include: bicycles, off-road vehicles, trailers,  ATVs, UTVs, dirt bikes, tractors, riding mowers, golf carts, and wheelbarrows.

To determine whether or not Slime can be used as a preventative treatment in your tire, consider these two questions:

Does the vehicle have a steering mechanism?

Is the vehicle regularly driven on paved roads?

If you answered yes to either of these two questions, Slime may cause vibrations in your vehicle and should only be used as an emergency flat tire repair solution.


Use the chart below to determine which Slime Spair flat tire repair kit is best for you. (Click to enlarge)