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Bigger, Brighter and Very Accurate: Meet the Elite Digital Tire Pressure Gauge

September 16th, 2019

Slime has been making tire gauges for years. Tall, fat, thin, dual-head, analog, digital, pencil - you need it, we’ve made it. But in our quest to provide the best in tire repair technology, we tasked ourselves with the question, “How do you improve the tried and true tire gauge? How can we take air pressure innovation to the next level?”

The result is our new Elite Digital Tire Gauge featuring Pressure Airlock Technology (P.A.T.). Slime’s advanced Pressure Airlock Technology locks in the air, so there is ZERO air loss when checking your air pressure with this gauge. You gain the most accurate tire pressure reading every time!

Plus, the Elite Digital Tire Gauge makes it easy to see your tire pressure reading with its super big, bright LCD screen (50% larger than most digital tire gauges). Add in a thoughtful ergonomic design with a light to illuminate your work space and you have yourself an awesome tire gauge.

Digital Tire Pressure GaugeWhat is Pressure Airlock Technology?

Remember that hissing sound that comes out of your valve stem when checking your tire pressure? That’s the sound of air escaping from your tire. With a traditional tire pressure gauge, you lose 1 to 2 psi every time you check your tire pressure.

Well not anymore! Slime’s new patent pending Pressure Airlock Technology (P.A.T.) uses a dual stage seal to lock in the air for ZERO air loss. Which means you get the most accurate tire pressure reading every time. Check out this P.A.T. video to learn more.

But don’t take our word for it! Check out what others have to say about our new tire gauge:

Digital Tire Gauge“I tried the Slime Elite Digital Pressure Gauge. All gauges have to release some air from the tire, I would think. But with this gauge, I heard no short hiss when I pressed it on the valve. And I heard no release when I removed the gauge. So, if any air pressure is lost, it can't be very much at all. I like that. I don't know how Slime could make such a wonderful gauge.”
--Ron L.

“As soon as I received this, I checked the pressure on all of the tires on our cars (we have three). When they say no air leaks out, they aren't kidding. Apparently the people at Slime have developed a new design that locks onto the valve stem instantly and allows no air to escape (patent pending). It definitely works ... I got really quick readings on all tires and never heard any air escape. The display is nice and large, plus it's plenty bright. I could easily read the display when checking our tires in the bright Florida sun. It also has a fairly bright little light that let's you see what you're doing if you are checking the pressure during the night or in a dimly lit area. I am really pleased with this tire gauge. It is a handy size, is easy to use, allows no air to escape, and is easy to read. The little built-in flashlight is an added bonus.”

Digital Tire Gauge “This is the best digital tire gauge I have used … What I like most about this gauge is that there is virtually no loss of air from the tire during or after the measurement. All of my other gauges waste air, and often require that I add air to the tire because of the loss. I don't know how this gauge avoids the loss other than the tight fit rubber seal that surrounds the pressure gauge. I heard no air escape during the process. I am sure there is some loss, but it was too small to measure. The gauge is easy to read and the bright green digits can be read in the sun and will be highly visible at night. There is a light that comes on when you turn it on which makes it easy to find the tire stem in the dark.”

“I have been tinkering around with bikes and automobiles for nearly 15 years. I have bought countless pressure gauges and found the same issues with all of them. I was hesitant at first with this product but WOW. It’s small enough that you can conveniently store it anywhere. The display is large and easy to read in the sun/at night. It reads the pressure within seconds and I could not be more happy with this product. 10/10 recommend this to anyone who is tired of the other mediocre products on the market. This is the best!”
--Nick G

Check it out for yourself:

Digital Tire Gauge

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