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Slime Holiday Gift Guide 2021


The Slime 2021 Gift Guide is here! Check out our curated list of amazing gifts for your loved one.

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What is a Valve Core?


Your sealant bottle instructions ask you to remove the valve core. But what is a valve core?

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Slime Road to Baja


Follow along our multi-part web series as Formula Drift drivers Chris Forsberg and Dylan Hughes transform a recreational UTV and race through the backroads of Ensenada.

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Which Slime Sealant Do I Need?


When it comes time to install Slime, how do you know which sealant to use? In this blog, we break it down into easy categories to ensure you purchase the correct bottle each time.

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Are You Prepared for Winter Driving?


Check out this infographic to help you prepare your vehicle and build your emergency car kit. Safe travels!

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Tire Repair Q&A: Vulcanizing Patches and Plugs


Slime patches and tire plugs are popular do-it-yourself options for repairing flat tires, and we get asked often about our products’ ability to “vulcanize” with the tire or tube. But what exactly does vulcanize mean? And what role does rubber cement play? Let’s learn more!

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12 Days of Christmas Giveaway 2020


​Now in its fourth exciting year, Slime and Genuine Innovations are teaming up for the holidays with their 12 Days of Christmas Giveaway! Enter to win 1 of 12 prizes!

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Slime Gift Guide 2020


Check out Slime's hand-curated list of great holiday gifts that will keep your loved ones safe this season!

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Slime to the Rescue!


​Meet the newest addition to the Slime tire repair team – Slime Rescue! With Slime Rescue tire repair sealant, it only takes an air source to repair your car’s emergency flat.

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Video Instructions on How To Install Slime Tube Sealant


​It is easy to install Slime Tube Sealant! Watch this short step-by-step instructional video to start preventing and repairing flat tires with tubes now!

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Everything You Need to Know About Flat Tire Repair Kits


New to the world of Flat Tire Repair Kits? Learn everything you need to know about flat tire repair kits, including videos, benefits, comparison charts, and more!

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Tow like a Pro: Trailer Tire Essentials


Whether it is your tow behind trailer, boat trailer, Sprinter van, horse trailer or vintage trailer, with a few easy to use products from Slime, you can keep your trailer tires rolling to the next summer memory.

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How to Install Slime Tube Sealant in a Bicycle


Installing Slime Tube Sealant into your bicycle tires is simple and fast. Follow these step-by-step photo instructions for a future of no more flats!

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Helping Where We Can: ITW's Response to COVID-19


In the spirit of sharing good news during these unprecedented times, here are 9 examples of ITW businesses and products that are directly engaged in the response to the COVID-19 crisis. We are all in this together.

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Tire Care Tips for Your Parked Car


​Spending a lot less time in your car lately? Check out these “at home” tips you can quickly perform so your tires will be ready to go as soon as we safely can!

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Which Flat Tire Repair Kits are Best?


What are the differences between the expensive car manufacturer provided tire repair kits versus Slime's more affordable, easier to use flat tire repair kits?

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What Does It Mean to Be Tire Sensor Safe?


Slime tire sealants are tire sensor safe. But what exactly does that mean for your TPMS sensors?

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Do You Know How to Change a Flat Tire?


​If you were to suddenly get a flat tire on your way to work tomorrow, would you be able to swap it out with your spare?

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12 Days of Christmas Giveaway 2019


Now in its 3rd year! Slime and Genuine Innovations are celebrating the holidays with their annual 12 Days of Christmas Giveaway! Enter to win 1 of 12 gifts.

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Gifts for the Hardest-to-Buy-For on your List


Don’t succumb to giving ties or socks this holiday season! Below is a list of great gift items for even the hardest-to-buy-for on your list. Happy gift giving!

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The Tale of the Haunted Tire


Listen closely children, as I tell you the tale of the most chilling tire experience ever ...

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Bigger, Brighter and Very Accurate: Meet the Elite Digital Tire Pressure Gauge


Meet Slime's new Elite Digital Tire Gauge featuring Pressure Airlock Technology (P.A.T.)! So accurate, there is ZERO air loss when checking your air pressure with this gauge.

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How to Prevent Tire Repairs in the Field


It is expensive to replace a farm tire and a pain to take one in for repair. So how can you keep your tires running smoothly? Here are a few tips to keep your tires from failing in the field.

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Where’s my Spare? You need a Flat Tire Repair Kit


One in three new cars today don’t come with a spare tire. Most come with a flat tire repair kit – a compact device that injects repair sealant and air into your flat tire for a quick and easy repair. Learn more about this new technology.

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The Science Behind Slime Tire Sealant


​What exactly is Slime tire sealant? How does it actually work? Let’s dive into what is going on inside your tire when you inject Slime.

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Slime’s Top 5 Tire Safety Tips


May 20-27th is National Tire Safety Week. After 30 years of creating reliable products for tires, we have learned a thing or two about what tires need. Here are our top 5 tips to give your tires the TLC that they deserve.

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Will We See You At Sea Otter 2019?


So this blog is not making the event team very happy right now, but our Sea Otter 2019 plans are so exciting that they need to be shared. Check out all the exciting happenings at our Slime booth!

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Happy 30th Birthday Slime!


It's time to celebrate! Slime has reached a new milestone -- 30 years in business!

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Slime’s Green Promise


Slime's commitment to being green goes deeper than the brand color. We are dedicated to creating green products that are safe for the consumer, the tire and the environment. Read on to learn more about our Slime Green Promise.

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Our New Year’s Resolution: No More Flats!


Did you make a resolution this year to lose weight, quit smoking, eat healthier or save more money? We made a resolution here at Slime too, but it not what you might think.

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12 Days of Christmas Giveaway 2018


Back by popular demand! Slime and Genuine Innovations are celebrating the holidays with their annual 12 Days of Christmas Giveaway!

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Holiday Gift Guide 2018


With our 2018 Holiday Gift Guide, Slime's got you covered this gift-giving season (we've even got gifts for the hardest-to-buy-for on your list).

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Video: Slime Tire Sealant 101


Your introductory course to all things tire sealant. Learn about the important key features behind the different types of Slime tire sealant so you can pick up the bottle that is right for your tire needs. Class is in session!

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3 Insider Tips for Using Slime Tire Sealant


And after nearly 30 years of installing Slime into every type of tire you can imagine, we have picked up a few tricks. Here are three of our insider tips to getting the most out of your Slime experience.

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When Should You Use Tire Sealant?


Tire sealant is an easy and inexpensive solution to your flat tire problem. But when should you use tire sealant and what tires should you use it in? And what are some examples of when you shouldn’t use tire sealant?

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How to Install Slime


A step-by-step photo guide on how to install Slime tire sealant into your tires. Let's get started!

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What Solution is Best in a Flat Tire Emergency?


​Spare tire, roadside assistance, tire sealant/aerosol or flat tire repair kit: Which one is the smartest choice when you are in an emergency flat tire situation?

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Ditch those Summertime Blues


If you have to be stuck in the office this summer, be sure to maximize your weekends! An unexpected flat tire in your ATV, dirt bike, trailer and more can ruin your planned day of fun. Install Slime’s prevent and repair tire sealant for no more flats all Summer long!

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Go Behind-the-Scenes with The Big Kahuna


You've all seen the new video: What happened to the Big Kahuna the day of the Slime video shoot? How did the vehicle manage to break? Go behind-the-scenes with Shane England, the driver of the Big Kahuna monster truck, in this exclusive Q&A.

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How to Patch a Tire


Patching a tire is easy, and with the right tools, can quickly get your tire back in working order. Follow these 6 easy steps to patch your tire.

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Q&A with Big Kahuna Monster Truck Driver Shane England


Who better than Shane England (a.k.a. the Big Kahuna), a superstar on the Monster Jam circuit, to showcase the tire-saving powers of Slime tire sealants? Check out what he has to say about monster trucks, competition, mishaps and the power of Slime.

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Give with Slime


Here at Slime, we love the community we live in. That is why we partnered with the United Way of San Luis Obispo County to help give back to our local neighbors in need. Learn more about how Slime is making a difference in our community.

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Which Tire Inflator is Right for You?


​Every person's needs are unique when it comes to tire inflators. Wondering what tire inflator is best for you? Check out this new Slime Tire Inflator Comparison Chart and easily compare inflators to find the one you need.

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Goatheads: A Thorn in Your Tire’s Side


The dreaded goathead season has begun! Learn the tire tricks to survive working and playing in the outdoors with goatheads.

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Preparing for (a Blue) Spring


As you dust off your bike, pull out the lawn mower, check the trailer and pull the cover off your ATV, you need to be sure and check your tires. Are any of them cracked? What about slow leaks? No one wants tire problems that ruin their fun.

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5 Tire Sealant Myths Busted!


Think you know everything there is to know about tire sealants? Maybe not. Read some of the common myths floating around about tire sealants!

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How to Patch A Bicycle Tube in 4 Easy Steps


Anyone who has been riding bikes for a while can tell you that sooner or later, you’re going to get a flat. When flats occur, the best thing you can do is be educated and prepared to patch the tube so that you can quickly get back on the road.

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8 Awesome Gifts for Bicyclists


Do you have someone on your gift list who loves to bike? Don’t fret, we have the perfect gift ideas to please every bicyclist, including the commuter, road warrior, mountain trail enthusiast, family of bicyclists, and every rider in between. Below is a list of our favorite (and most popular) bike gifts.

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The 12 Days of Christmas Giveaway


​Slime and Genuine Innovations is celebrating the holidays with a special 12 Days of Christmas Giveaway! Enter to win one of 12 holiday gift packs from Slime and Genuine Innovations for 12 consecutive days in December.

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How to Pick the Right Bicycle Tube Size


When it comes time to purchase a new tube, how do you know which one to select? Between the dozens of size options and the various valve stem types (Presta, what is that?), selecting the correct tube for your bike can be challenging. That’s why we have put together this quick guide to help you select the perfect tire tube for your bicycle.

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A "Concrete" Testimonial of How Slime Stops Slow Leaks


Read the story of how one concrete batch plant owner uses Slime every day to keep his business running.

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Infographic: The Cost of a Flat Tire on the Farm


A flat tire on the farm is more than an inconvenience - the cost of being down for a few hours can be significant during peak seasons of the year. Check out this infographic to learn more about the costs of a flat tire on the farm and what you can do to prevent flats and stop slow leaks.

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The New, Easier Way to Fix a Flat Tire


Tire repair just got easier. No more jack or tools, Slime's new Flat Tire Repair Kit repairs and inflates your tire in under 10 minutes to get you back on the road quickly and safely.

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The Worst Flat Tire Stories – Episode 1


​Unfortunately, flats happen to everyone. We recently asked our amazing Slime customers to submit their worst flat tire repair stories. Here are some of our favorite submissions!

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How to Pick the Right Tire Gauge


It seems like there are a thousand different tire gauges on local store shelves. How do you select the one that is right for you? Read this blog post to understand the three basic gauge types and other common gauge considerations.

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The Ultimate Slime Test at the SCORE Baja 500


The SCORE Baja 500, an epic race held in Ensenada, Mexico, is the ultimate test of our Slime sealant products.

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7 Tips On How To Use A Tire Gauge To Check Your Tire Pressure


In celebration of National Tire Safety Week, here are our top tips to help you correctly check and maintain your tire pressure.

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Don’t Let a Flat Ruin Your Fun this Memorial Day


From bicycles to wheelbarrows, Slime can help you be worry free this weekend.

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New Year's Revolutions


If you're anything like me, and my van, you're feeling a little buried after the holidays.

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Baja 1000


Two hours before the start of the Baja 1000!

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A little bit about Cameron Phillips, our new East Coast Rep.


My life has always revolved two wheels.

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Adopting a beach in California


When ITW Global Tire Repair set out to improve the surrounding environment, the team didn’t have to look much farther than its own backyard. With the Pacific Ocean just a few miles away from the San Luis Obispo, California, facility, it made sense to adopt a beach.

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National BIKE TO WORK Day • Friday, May 20


Get ready to Bike to Work tomorrow! Slime is ready!

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A Successful Bike to School Day!


Take a look at some fun "Bike to School Day" photos!

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Flat Tire Tale #1


​My Unluckiest / Luckiest day ever! After returning from Spring break, at UCSB I moved my car from the parking garage only to find out it had two flat tires!

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Welcome to the all-new Slime.com


We are very excited to launch our new Slime website! We hope you have had a chance to browse through the site, read the blog entries and review some of our products!

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