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3 Insider Tips for Using Slime Tire Sealant

October 9th, 2018

We Slime a lot of tires here at work (I’m not kidding --- it’s a LOT of tires). And after nearly 30 years of installing Slime sealant into every type of tire you can imagine, we have picked up a few tricks. Here are three of our insider tips to help you get the most out of your Slime experience:

Insider Tip #1: Slime One, Slime All

You would be surprised how many times we hear this sad story from race teams, riders and job site crews: “We would have won the last race/made the podium/got the job done on time/made it home on time, but we did not have Slime tire sealant in all of our tires. Of course, the one tire without Slime got the flat.”

Don’t just Slime the one tire that is causing you problems. If you are installing Slime into one, take a few extra moments and Slime them all! The tire inflator is already out and you are already in the grove. Trust us, you will save yourself so much headache if you protect all your tires in the same sitting.

Insider Tip #2: Eliminate the Guesswork

Use green valve caps to indicate that you Slime'd a tire

OK, we understand that sometimes you can’t do all your tires at once. The parent who finds a flat when they are just about to take the kiddos out on a bike ride is likely going to just pop-in a new tube and head out, rather than make the impatient bundles of joy wait around for the new tube to get Slime’d.

But if you aren’t going to Slime them all, please do yourself a favor and mark the tires that do have Slime. We like putting green valve caps on the protected Slime tires so we know the good from the bad. Or you can use a white paint pen to mark the tires made safe with Slime.

It sure beats trying to guess which one of the tires you Slime’d on your ATV three weeks ago, or even worse, double Slime-ing a tire after pulling seasonal equipment (like a riding lawnmower) out of storage!

Insider Tip #3: Clean as a Baby's Bottom

Use baby wipes to clean up Slime

Slime is water soluble, which makes clean up easy. And while damp rags will certainly wipe up any errant Slime that made it onto your garage floor or around the valve stem of your tire, we have discovered that baby wipes are even better.

Simply wipe the inside and outside of your valve stem with those disposable little sheets, re-insert your valve core and you are ready to air up! Or use them for a quick swipe of your garage floor, then into the trash can they go. Simple, easy clean up.

These insider tips may not seem fancy, but we have seen them work time and again. Take it from the experts, you will thank us later if you use these small tricks when using Slime tire sealant.

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