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New Year's Revolutions

January 16th, 2017

Billy Brenden, West Coast Marketing Rep

If you're anything like me, and my van, you're feeling a little buried after the holidays. It's probably cold outside, you've likely added a pound or ten and you might have forgotten exactly what your bike looks like. Don't fret, shoot don't even give it a second thought. Just head out to the garage and see what condition your trusty steed is in. Check the tire pressure, make sure your drive train is presentable, go through your Genuine Innovations seat bag and make sure you've got what you need: 20g co2 cartridges, co2 inflator, tire levers and a Slime tube. If all of that is in order, hop on and ride your bike. Maybe you go for a 30 minute spin, maybe you head out for six hours, either way, you're back in the saddle and preparing for another amazing year on your bike. Happy New Year from Slime, Genuine Innovations and me!!!!

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