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The Ultimate Slime Test at the SCORE Baja 500

June 9th, 2017

The SCORE Baja 500 off-road desert race is an epic adventure for riders, drivers, chase crews and fans. Traveling at more than 100 mph, nearly 275 entries from 14 countries travel a 500 mile single-loop race that starts and ends in Ensenada, Mexico. Locals celebrate with a day off from school as a two-mile long parade of race teams eases its way through the main boulevard in town.

This epic race is the ultimate test of our Slime sealant products: Tire problems often mean the difference between racing in clear air as the leader, to getting passed by dozens of competitors and facing a grueling comeback through the dust and dirt, ruts and rocks, sand and silt, and even traffic jams at narrow passes or crash scenes.

Smart teams – on dirt bikes, ATVs, UTVs, bugs, buggies and many types of trucks – run Slime tire sealant to prevent flat tires. They even pre-Slime spare tires and trailer tires. As we will be telling people at the Baja 1000 in November, Slime equals less flats and more podiums.

Baja 500 Hollywood Car

Baja 500 Crowds

Baja 500 Slime Booth

Baja 500

Baja 500 Swag Car

Baja 500 Team Dennis

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