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Flat Tire Repair Kits

What is a Flat Tire Repair Kit?

Many new cars on the market today do not come with a spare tire. They come with a Flat Tire Repair Kit. Flat tire repair kits are a quick and easy way to repair a flat tire in an emergency. They come with two important components: tire repair sealant and a tire inflator. In just a few simple steps, you insert the tire sealant and then air up the tire and get on your way.

What is the difference between the Flat Tire Repair Kit and the Smart Spair?

The Smart Spair is a two-step process. Step 1: Remove the valve core and inject the tire repair sealant. Step 2: Insert the valve core and air up the tire with the included tire inflator. The Flat Tire Repair Kit is an all-in-one process with no need to remove the valve core. Simply attached the hose to the valve stem and press the on button. Sealant and air are instantly added to your tire.

Do you sell refills for the Flat Tire Repair Kit or Smart Spair?

Yes. Please visit this link to buy a refill for the Flat Tire Repair Kit. For the Smart Spair, please visit this link and select the Emergency Tire Sealant bottle size that fits your tire size.

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