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Tubeless Premium Sealant for Bicycles

How does Slime’s Premium Tubeless Sealant work?

Slime’s Tubeless Premium Sealant is everything you could want in a bike tire sealant. Protecting you from tears and slits, the tubeless sealant’s web technology heals real-world punctures and slashes encountered on the trail. Flow motion ensures a long-lasting liquid lifespan, keeping you confident that your sealant is ready to work. Slime Premium Sealant is also CO2 compatible and evenly disperses from bead to bead for consistent, wider coverage.

What is the difference between the blue label tubeless tire sealant and the Slime Tubeless Premium Sealant?

Slime’s new tubeless bicycle sealant is creating a lot of excitement in the cycling industry. But it is also creating a bit of confusion because Slime already offers a classic tubeless tire sealant that you put in ATVs, riding lawn mowers, tractors, trailers, etc. Click here to read about which tubeless sealant you need for your tubeless tires.

What happened to Slime Pro?

Slime’s new, next generation tubeless premium sealant replaced the Slime Pro sealant in the white bottle. That Slime Pro tubeless sealant was fine, but we have innovated significantly and the new tubeless sealant is awesomely better!

Does Slime Tubeless Premium Sealant stay liquid inside the tire like the other Slime Sealants?

Yes. The lifespan of the tire sealant will, however, depend heavily on the type of tire and the riding conditions. As a general rule, the lighter the tire and the thinner the wall, the more quickly the sealant will dry up. Extremely hot weather has been shown to accelerate the drying process.

Does Slime Tubeless Premium Sealant seal sidewall punctures?

Slime Tubeless Premium Sealant is not guaranteed to seal punctures outside of the tread area. It is a liquid sealant that coats the inside of the tire within the tread area.

Does Slime Tubeless Premium Sealant freeze?

No. Slime Tubeless Premium Sealant is a latex blend that works in extreme temperatures. It offers an ultra-low freezing point of -16C/3F and no upper heat limit.

Do I need a rim strip?

It differs, depending on your tire setup. If you have a UST rim, you will not need the rim strip. If you are converting a tubeless ready rim to a tubeless set-up, then you will need a tubeless tape to seal the spoke holes on the rim. Your local bike shop can help you with the conversion as well.

How do I clean out Slime Tubeless Premium Sealant?

Simply wipe or rinse out the tire with warm water and/or a wet rag.

What is the shelf life of Slime Tubeless Premium Sealant?

Four years from date of manufacturing.

What if the Tubeless Premium Sealant appears to be separated?

The sealant bottle can be shaken to redistribute the contents.

Will Slime Tubeless Premium Sealant rust my wheel?

No. Slime’s Tubeless Premium Sealant is safe for both carbon and aluminum rims

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